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An upcoming nft project on the solana blockhain!

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Let's Drive Into The World of NFT With The Guardians Of The Pillar

We are an emerging nft project and we want to make sure that all the people who keep up our nft get a passive income.
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We have 2500 NFTS and we have not yet agreed on the MINT price and also the date


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GOP Road Map

This is the roadmap that the Guardians of the Pillar want to achieve with the community!
  • I. Launch of GENESIS

    40 unique, one-of-a-kind 3D pillars. The Guardians Of The Pillar is followed by the GENESIS collection.

  • II. The Launch of the Main Collection

    This is the main collection of the 2500 NFTs created by the true descendants of Count The Guardians of the Pillar, who were born, raised, and now reside in present-day Belgium, combining history, fantasy, mystery, technology, and more.

  • III. When the first generation is sold, what happens next?

    When the main collection is sold, we will purchase crypto miners, and If you keep at least one NFT from the main collection, you will receive a certain percentage of the miner. There are different Crypto coins, and if you get the Ethereum coin, for example, you will receive a certain percentage of the Etheruem miner, so if you read this text correctly. Our NFTs can provide you with a source of passive income.

  • IV. The second generation begins (This only happens when the main collection is sold)

    This generation will be persons, not pillars. The second generation of NFTs will number between 2500 and 5000. You may be wondering what you can do with them. We are going to build a game and those are the ones who are going to defend the pillars, and we will make sure it is compatible with your NFT. And if you play the game, you will get solana as a reward.

  • V. A GOP-themed first-person shooter game will be released.

    If everything goes well, we'll build a first-person shooter game that you can play with your NFTs. You can play against other people, with the goal of defending your pillar. If you play the game, you will be awarded with solana, so it is a play to earn game. If you're a gamer, this will be very interesting to you. You may be wondering when the game will be released. Although it is still in production, the game will be launched as soon as possible if everything goes well, and we will always keep you updated!

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